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French Clary Sage Bedtime

Full-bodied French Clary Sage tempered with a powdery essence invites calm and comfort.

French Clary Sage Daytime

Sparkling watery notes harmonize with French Clary Sage, yellow freesia and cotton accords in this modern, sophisticated green scent.

French Clary Sage Evening

Soft sandalwood and captivating musks intermingle to create a chic scent that invites temptation.

French Clary Sage Morning

Accentuating the fresh citrus and watery elements, this scent wakes up the senses using a light touch.

Japanese Agarwood Bedtime

Sheer cedarwood, sandalwood and jasmine petals comprise a softer rendition of this woodsy wonder.

Japanese Agarwood Daytime

The rare, woody scent of Japanese Agarwood is paired with the refreshing zest of bergamot and the Zen-like ambiance of spiced ginger.

Japanese Agarwood Evening

Rain-soaked Agarwood Accord, with its addictive and refreshing aroma has been spotlighted in this composition to inspire a luxurious clarity in spirit.

Japanese Agarwood Morning

Deep and earthy scents are tempered with vibrant notes of citrus for an energizing and uplifting interpretation of the fragrance.

Madagascar Orchid Bedtime

As if a light powdery film of quiet spreads over this variant, musky nuances are enhanced for a tranquil yet seductive caress.

Madagascar Orchid Daytime

A lush bouquet of sheer jasmine, tuberose and pink peony perfectly frame Madagascar Orchid in this exotic, decadent-feeling fragrance.

Madagascar Orchid Evening

The sensuality of woods, teamed with the richness of florals, envelops the senses in an intoxicating way.

Madagascar Orchid Morning

Delicate Madagascar Orchid is paired with lemon and bergamot to create a dreamy, diaphanous composition.

Tunisian Neroli Bedtime

In this tender and softly powdery composition, captive musks work in harmony with intoxicating floral notes to create a perfectly orchestrated fragrance.

Tunisian Neroli Daytime

This rich floral combines ylang ylang, orange nectar, golden amber and musk with Tunisian Neroli blossom to create an aura of sensual opulence.

Tunisian Neroli Evening

An extra dose of the heady florals, touched with vanilla and golden amber, dry down into a halo of romance.

Tunisian Neroli Morning

The dewy scent of gardenia petals, blood orange and watery accords enliven the fragrance for daybreak.

Tuscan Fig Bedtime

Gentle notes of soft powder, patchouli, and vanilla quiets the fragrance for night’s end.

Tuscan Fig Daytime

Surrounded by luscious vanilla bean, honeysuckle, coconut wood, and gardenia, the essence of Tuscan Fig is warm and sultry.

Tuscan Fig Evening

Sensual notes of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla evoke the scent’s sexier side for night.

Tuscan Fig Morning

Delicious notes of Tuscan fig, honeysuckle and freesia refresh the senses and the spirit.

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