Tom Binns

Tom Binns and Lisa Hoffman, two artisans at the height of their craft, collaborate on a special collection that marries Lisa’s groundbreaking fine fragrance with designs that reflect Tom’s unwavering devotion to avant-garde aesthetics. A sublime combination of form and function, the collection is destined to become a cult favorite — and a personal obsession.



Lisa Hoffman Unity Fragrance Bead Collection Brazilian Begonia Fragrance Bead Bottle Kerala Ashok Fragrance Bead Bottle Tunisian Neroli Fragrance Bead Bottle Lisa Hoffman Tropical Fragrance Bead Trio Tuscan Fig Fragrance Bead Bottle Lisa Hoffman Natural Fragrance Bead Trio French Clary Sage Fragrance Bead Bottle Madagascar Orchid Fragrance Bead Bottle Japanese Agarwood Fragrance Bead Bottle

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Using eco-friendly materials and revolutionary technology,
our Fragrance Beads deliver maximum levels of fine fragrance
for weeks inside the charm.