2012 FiFi Fragrance Finalists

Tom Binns Rhodium Cuff


Sleek, silver-toned rhodium brings classic shine to this chic cuff bracelet, featuring a rounded locket perforated with vents. Snap open the locket’s pressurized hinge from inside the 2.1-inch-wide cuff to find fragrance beads infused with fresh, optimistic French Clary Sage — a clean scent enveloped in cotton and watery floral notes that conjures feelings of confidence and joy.

The vents in the locket are larger and more concentrated in the middle, growing smaller toward the ends. Mimicking the pattern of fine bubbles in a glass of champagne, they slowly diffuse the fragrance from the perfume beads into the air.

Technology How it Works
Using eco-friendly materials and revolutionary technology, we've engineered our fragrance beads to deliver maximum fragrance in a minimalist design. The spherical shape of the beads combined with a proprietary scenting method allows for maximum fragrance throw and scent retention. What this means is that your Fragrance Jewelry was designed to be as fragrant as possible in the most efficient way.

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