Tom Binns Deep Bronze Earrings


Shiny espresso bronze lends a hint of moody glamour to these avant-garde earrings, featuring amorphous-shaped lockets. Unlatch the classic post backs to find fragrance beads infused with the rare, woody scent of Japanese Agarwood — a serene, spirit-lifting perfume accented by bergamot, spiced ginger and warm amber.

Designed to mimic the pattern of fine bubbles in a glass of champagne, the vents in these .89-inch earrings slowly diffuse the fragrance from the perfume beads into the air.

Using eco-friendly materials and revolutionary technology, we've engineered our fragrance beads to deliver maximum fragrance in a minimalist design. The spherical shape of the beads combined with a proprietary scenting method allows for maximum fragrance throw and scent retention. What this means is that your Fragrance Jewelry was designed to be as fragrant as possible in the most efficient way.

Tom Binns Japanese Agarwood Deep Bronze Fragrance Earrings

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